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Thread: Quickedit in CE6.6?

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    morecw Guest

    Default Quickedit in CE6.6?

    Hi all,

    One or two people have asked this question without any real answer yet so I'll give this one a shot.

    Can anyone explain how to enable Quickedit of existing subpanel records in the community edition (v6.5)?

    Would really appreciate it if someone could advise what code changes are required. Has anyone does this already and would like to share the info?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Quickedit in CE6.6?

    John Mertic
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    morecw Guest

    Default Re: Quickedit in CE6.6?

    Maybe I'm not understanding something here but the link you provided explains how to enable a QuickCreate not a "Quickedit" of existing subpanel records. Can you help with the latter? For me anyway, when I click create it enters into a QuickCreate rather than redirecting to the editview screen (v6.5.5)

    I understand Quickedit comes with the professional edition of Sugar, but is it not possible us to activate this in CE?

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