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    I bought Synolia to integrate with Sugar Pro edition and am having some trouble with the quotes module. Basically I wanted to calculate each line item by quantity within the line item but I was told that SugarCRM only calculates these values on the fly when a PDF is generated but does not save the values in the database. As such, the values are not available for the DOCX templates.

    Does anyone know any steps that are easily followed were I can add a "Total RRP" field to the Products module in order to show the mirror image in the quote?
    The instruction that I received was, "the new field's value would need be calculated per product/line item (using a calculated field - Studio). It could then be inserted into your DOCX template".

    Where should I be pulling the field value from to insert into the DOCX template?

    Thanks in advance

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    Perhaps you can try to read this part of the TBS documentation TBS Manual and use an "ope=mul" operation to multiply your values
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