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Thread: Bug Tracker has been revamped!

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    Default Bug Tracker has been revamped!

    Hello all,

    I'm pleased to announce that the Sugar Team has revamped our Bug Tracker ( at ). Our main goal was to enhance performance, since many of you have reported slow load times, page timeouts, etc., but we've also main a few other layout changes to make it more user-friendly.

    Please try it out and let us know. You can leave your feedback here:
    Julian Ostrow
    Systems and Applications Engineer
    SugarCRM Inc.

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    Default Re: Bug Tracker has been revamped!


    Thanks to everyone at Sugar for their efforts in revamping this system!

    Angel Magaņa
    Technical Solutions Architect
    Co-Author: Implementing SugarCRM 5.x (Packt Publishing -- Sept. 2010)
    Twitter: @cheleguanaco.

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