Sugar Community Edition 4.5.1 Patch J
Monday March 24, 2008

The Sugar Team has released 4.5.1 patch J.

This patch addresses a number of bugs, including:

  • GMT time zones for Indiana, USA and Perth, Australia do not compensate for daylight savings time (DST). (Bug 15464)
  • In the process of creating a mail campaign, when you attempt to mail merge multiple contacts, the mail merge template displays only one contact. (Bug 17753)
  • When you create a Targets list in the Campaigns module, the List view does not display any values for the Users column. (Bug 19124)
  • When you perform a mail merge in the Campaigns module, the mail merge file is empty instead of displaying a list of targets. (Bug 19989)
  • In the RSS module, when you enter a path in the form to save RSS feeds, the system saves the information in a cache file, which can be accessed through the .cache/feeds/ directory even when you are not logged into Sugar. (Bug 20522)
  • In the Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Word, when you attempt a mail merge between Accounts and Contacts, the number of contacts displayed in the 3rd step of the process is incorrect. (Bug 15339)
  • In the Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Word, an apostrophe is displayed as & #039 ;. (Bug 15354)
  • Because the Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Word does not allow text formatting, an attempt to merge fields results in an error message. (Bug 19127)
  • In the Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Word, mail merge fails if a field contains conditions in the mail merge document. (Bug 19949)

We encourage all customers using Sugar 4.5.1 to upgrade to this patch immediately.

Read the 4.5.1j Release Notes for a summary of bug fixes.

A full list of all bugs fixed in 4.5.1j can be found in the Bug Tracker.

Download Sugar Community Edition 4.5.1 patch J