Sugar Community Edition 5.0.0 Patch H
Monday, September 8, 2008

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SugarCRM is happy to announce the release of 5.0.0 Patch H, which focuses on recently reported issues in Sugar 5.0.0. For further details about this release, please read the Release Notes.

Some of the bugs fixed in this release include:


  • Bug 20869 - Attempts to use an email template to send an email fails if two or more contacts have the same email address.
  • Bug 24235 - Saved searches do not work after upgrading to Sugar 5.0.

  • Bug 22882 - You cannot delete items from a standard drop-down list if you are using a language pack other than English.
  • Bug 23260 - When you deploy a custom module that uses the Basic template, it displays only when you use the English language pack.
  • Bug 23293 - When you add new fields using the Module Builder, the field labels display only for the English language pack.
  • Bug 23294 - When you edit fields labels when using the English language pack and then change to a different language pack, the labels are not translated for the new language pack.
  • Bug 23295 - When you update field labels for a non-English language pack, the labels for the English language pack are also updated with the non-English labels.
  • Bug 23296 - When creating a custom module, creating field groupings in a layout are not saved for address fields.
  • Bug 24141 - In Studio, you cannot add a custom Integer or a Float field without specifying a
  • default value.
A full listing of all bugs fixed in this patch including further details on the bugs listed above can be found in the Bug Tracker.