Sugar Community Edition 5.0.0 Patch C
Thursday, April 10, 2008

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This patch addresses a number of bugs, including:

  • Bug 19888 - When you create an Email template for Leads, the Account name is not included in the drop-down list of fields from the Leads module.
  • Bug 19281 - When editing the account field in a Contact record, if the account field is not already populated with data, the system does not allow you to enter it. Instead, the cursor remains in the account field and attempts to move it to another field fail.
  • Bug 20258 - When you add a new person as a contact, user, lead, account, or target with an Email address that has been opted out, the system overrides the opt-out flag set for the Email address instead of retaining it.
  • Bug 20342 - In the RSS module, when you enter a path in the form to save RSS feeds, the system saves the information in a cache file, which can be accessed through the .cache/feeds/ directory even when you are not logged into Sugar.
  • Bug 20353 - An attempt to send out an Email to several recipients fails with an error message if the Email addresses are separated by a semi-colon. If the Email addresses are separated by a colon, the Email is sent only to the last recipient on the list.
  • Bug 19286 - After creating and deploying a custom field, when you attempt to perform a mass update on records containing this field, the system does not update the record. Instead, it creates a new record.
  • Bug 19444 - Customizing modules in Studio is possible only with the English (en_us) language pack.
  • Bug 19750 - Using the Repair option to repair Sugar destroys existing many-to-many relationships between a custom module and a Sugar module.
  • Bug 19884 - In the Module Builder, you can only edit drop-down lists for the language pack that you are currently using. You cannot edit drop-down lists for other language packs that you have installed.
  • Bug 19924 - When you clear the Vardefs Data Cache using the Repairs option, the system also erases the zip files and manifest files of any custom modules that you have installed. As a result, you cannot uninstall the custom modules.
  • Bug 20851 - Users can change the name of their supervisor in the Reports To field on the My Account page.

We encourage everybody using Sugar 5.0.0 to upgrade to this patch immediately.

Read the 5.0.0 Patch C Release Notes for a summary of bug fixes.

A full list of all bugs fixed in 5.0.0c can be found in the Bug Tracker.