Sugar Community Edition 5.0.0 Patch E
Thursday, May 15, 2008

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This patch addresses over 100 bugs found in version 5.0.0 with a particular focus on the Email module, including:

  • Bug 19354 - After you customize a List View, you can no longer merge duplicate records, export records, and delete records by selecting the checkboxes anymore.
  • Bug 19657 - Some international characters do not display correctly in Sugar.
  • Bug 20140 - Attempts to send an Email fails if the Email recipientís name contains special characters.
  • Bug 20425 - When you attempt to select an account from the Accounts sub-panel of a contactís Detail View, the cursor is frozen in the Account field of the Quick Search form.
  • Bug 20605 - Email signatures that contain special characters do not display correctly.
  • Bug 20649 - The opt-out link in the Campaigns module does not work.
  • Bug 19344 - When you add the User column to a List View in Studio, the Assigned User field displays as a link in the List View of the record and the Edit icon in the List View no longer corresponds to the record.
  • Bug 19843 - With some Sugar themes, administration tools such as Studio and dropdown editor are inaccessible and the system displays an error message when you attempt to access them.
  • Bug 21216 -Custom decimal field created in Studio does not display the correct value in the Accounts Detail View.
We encourage everybody running Sugar 5.0.0 to upgrade to the 5.0.0 patch E upgrade package. Please note that all patches are cumulative and therefore the contents of all previous 5.0.0 patches are included in patch E.

Read the
5.0.0 Patch E Release Notesfor a summary of bug fixes.

A full list of
all bugs fixed in 5.0.0e can be found in the Bug Tracker.