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Thread: Sugar 5.1.0a Available for Download

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    Default Sugar 5.1.0a Available for Download

    Sugar Community Edition 5.1.0 Patch A
    Thursday, October 2, 2008

    Download Now!

    SugarCRM is happy to announce the release of 5.1.0 Patch A, which addresses over 150 reported issues related to Email, Internationalization and other areas of the application. For further details about this release, please read the Release Notes.

    New and enhanced features in this release include:

    • Support for Safari Web Browser - Safari browser (version 3.1x) is officially supported on both Windows and Mac OS.
    • Associate an outgoing email with a related record - You can now associate an outbound email with a related record, such as a lead or a bug, before or after you send out the email.
    • Close a Call record from the Detail View - The Detail View of a Call record now displays a Close button to enable you to close the record.

    Some of the bugs fixed in this release include:

    • Bug 19694 - You cannot navigate to a record related to an outbound email from the Sent Emails
    • folder.
    • Bug 19742 - If you enter an email address with a trailing white space in a Contact record, then the
    • address is not saved.
    • Bug 20102 - When you send out an email, you cannot associate it with a related record.
    • Bug 20842 - In the Emails module, when you select a non-primary email address, the system displays the primary email address in the To field of the Compose Email page.
    • Bug 19838 - The Detail View of a Call record does not display a Close button to close the record.
    • Bug 20626 - The Additional Details pop-up screen for a Meeting record does not display the start date and time.
    • Bug 21034 - When you create a record, such as a Case, from an inbound email using the Quick Create form, the system associates the record with the email but not with the contact who sent the email.
    • Bug 21431 - The Emails module does not accept special characters in the recipientís name.
    • Bug 21655 - When you view an imported email from the History sub-panel of a contactís Detail page, you cannot respond to the email because the Reply button is not displayed.
    • Bug 23235 - If HEX values are present in the emails_text table, the emailís From address does not display correctly in the Emails module.
    • Bug 21879 - When creating a new note and attempting to populate the contact field, the auto complete function hangs in an infinite loop.
    • Bug 22864 - All multi-byte data that have ďlenĒ definitions in the vardefs.php file are incorrectly truncated and stored in the database. As a result, record names are incorrectly displayed in the Detail View.

    A full listing of all bugs fixed in this patch including further details on the bugs listed above can be found in the Bug Tracker.
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