Sugar Community Edition 5.1.0 Patch C
Thursday, December 11, 2008

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SugarCRM is happy to announce the release of 5.1.0 Patch C, which addresses almost 100 reported issues across all areas of the application. For further details about this release, please read the Release Notes.

  • Bug 19792 - In the Module Builder, if you move the “Name” field from “Default” to “Hidden” in the List View layout, the field will no longer provide a link to the Detail View when deployed.
  • Bug 20372 - European number formats do not display correctly in Sugar.
  • Bug 20872 - Campaign emails are still sent after they have been deleted from the email queue.
  • Bug 21026 - Some AJAX requests do not work with Firefox when you host Sugar on an IIS server.
  • Bug 21493 - Attempt to use Assigned User or Assigned User ID as search fields in Basic Search is not successful.
  • Bug 22131 - After you uninstall a custom module, Sugar still displays the module tab.
  • Bug 22432 - When you click the Print icon on the Detail View of a record, a pop-up windows appears but does not display options to print.
  • Bug 23253 - If you create a drop-down list name with a slash in Studio, the system displays warning messages when you click the “Continue Studio Wizard” link.
  • Bug 23839 - When you search records in a sub-panel pop-up window, if the search results span multiple pages, the system loses the search criteria after the first page. As a result, all the records in the module display in the list.
  • Bug 24557 - After changing labels for fields of a module, the labels are not updated in the Default area of the module's List View in Studio.
  • Bug 24732 - An attempt to export an opportunity from the List View fails with a SQL error if the record contains a custom field.
  • Bug 24869 - Custom multi-select fields do not display in the Web-to-Lead form.
  • Bug 25330 - Developers cannot disable the Export button in List View.
  • Bug 25347 - If you upgrade to 5.1.0 and install a new language pack, existing custom drop-down list values do not display correctly.
  • Bug 25371 - If you create two group email accounts and associate one of them with a group folder, the association is lost if you delete the second account, which is not associated with the group folder.
  • Bug 25652 - When you add the “Member of” field to the Accounts List View and then execute a search, the system returns incorrect search results.
  • Bug 25776 - In non-HTML emails, Scandinavian characters are not converted to the selected character set.
  • Bug 25922 - After updating from 5.1.0a to 5.1.0b, you cannot sort the Leads Detail View by account name.
  • Bug 25961/26007 - You cannot search for records in the Leads module by account name.
  • Bug 26013 - When you attempt to use Mass Update to update more than one page of records in a List View, Sugar updates only records in the last page.
  • Bug 26014 - When you use Mass Update to update multiple records, Sugar updates the records but creates an empty record in the process.
  • Bug 26050 - You cannot download files over HTTPS in the Documents module with Internet Explorer 7.0.
  • Bug 26093 - If Saved Search returns more than one age of search results, and you click the End arrow button to view the last page of results, the system does not display the records.
  • Bug 26104 - Removing a custom module after adding a relationship in Studio causes SQL errors.

A full listing of all bugs fixed in this patch including further details on the bugs listed above can be found in the Bug Tracker.