Sugar Community Edition 5.2.0 Patch A
Wednesday, January 28, 2008

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SugarCRM is happy to announce the release of 5.2.0 Patch A, which addresses over 150 reported issues across all areas of the application including Internationalization, Email, Studio and Module Builder. For further details about this release, please read the Release Notes.

  • Bug 19781 - In Studio, field labels do not wrap around if they extend past the width setting resulting in an increase in page width.
  • Bug 21117 - In Studio, default values for custom fields are not stored if they are set to “No”.
  • Bug 23449 - If you use the Firefox browser to log into Sugar and choose the “Remember Now” option to remember your Sugar password, and then enable the Self Service Portal option, when you edit a contact record with blank portal name and password fields, the system populates these fields with your Sugar user name and password.
  • Bug 24527 - If you create custom fields in the Module Builder using a non-English language pack, and then change to the English language pack, Sugar does not display the custom field labels in English.
  • Bug 24929 - When you create a currency field in Studio and add it to the List View layout, the layout displays only digits before the first thousand separator.
  • Bug 24930 - In Studio, if you remove the “Any Email” field from a layout and deploy your changes, you cannot add the field back to the layout later on because it is no longer available.
  • Bug 24998 - When a user who does not have access to the Contacts module attempts to specify an email address for a lead, Sugar starts checking if the email address already exists in the system but does not complete the process.
  • Bug 25023 - When you log into Sugar using a language pack that is not the default, you cannot delete items from drop-down lists in Developer Tools.
  • Bug 25064 - Radio button selections on Web-To-Lead forms in the Campaigns module are not preserved.
  • Bug 25225 - In the Settings window of the Emails module, the Folders tab displays multiple sets of personal folders for all users.
  • Bug 25433 - When you undo an import that updated records, Sugar deletes the updated records instead of restoring the previous version.
  • Bug 25597 - Pipeline graphs display currency values in US dollars when the system default is set to a different currency.
  • Bug 25747 - When you import data into the Accounts module, any updated record is assigned to the user who updated it instead of the user who was originally assigned to the record.
  • Bug 25772 - When the default currency for a user is different from the system default currency, currency conversions that display on the user’s dashboard may be incorrectly calculated.
  • Bug 25925 - When a user sends out an email, Sugar uses the “From” address set in the inbound email account as the “reply-to” address instead of the “reply-to” address specified on the My Account page.
  • Bug 26069 - After you create and deploy a custom module using the “File” template, when you view a record in the module, the Last Viewed tracker does not display the record name.
  • Bug 26179 - Users assigned to a role that does not have permissions to edit records in the Accounts module can still create accounts.
  • Bug 26182 - Users assigned to a role that does not have permissions to edit records in the Accounts module can still use the Quick Create form to create accounts.
  • Bug 26185 - An attempt to import data with custom fields from a .csv file fails with an error message.
  • Bug 26219 - When you import data for notes from a .csv file, the first field in a row may be appended to the last field in the previous row. As a result, Sugar imports only the first row data.
  • Bug 26653 - After you create and save a custom module in the Module Builder, you cannot edit the module name.
  • Bug 26687 - Custom fields added through Studio in a non-English language are not updated to English on “Edit Label” page when you change to the English language pack.
  • Bug 26857 - An attempt to use the Silent Upgrader or Upgrade Wizard to upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1.0c fails with an error message.
  • Bug 27065 - You can successfully import data into the Notes module from a .csv file but Sugar displays a “Undefined Property” error message.
  • Bug 27217 - Emails can be assigned to the Group User for action.

A full listing of all bugs fixed in this patch including further details on the bugs listed above can be found in the Bug Tracker.