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Thread: Sugar 6.1.0 Beta 5 is now available to test

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    Default Sugar 6.1.0 Beta 5 is now available to test

    Sugar Community Edition Version 6.1.0 Beta 5
    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    The fifth Beta version of Sugar Community Edition 6.1.0 is now available for testing.

    Preview Sugar 6.1.0 Beta 5 online

    Sugar Community Edition 6.1.0 Beta 5 can be downloaded from the Sugar project on SugarForge.

    Note: Do not test upgrading to the Beta releases on a Sugar system in production. It will not be possible to upgrade to later releases from the Beta releases.We recommend testing on a development system.

    The bugs addressed in Sugar 6.1.0 Beta 5 can be found in the Bug Tracker.

    If you encounter any issues while running Sugar 6.1.0 Beta 5, please let us know by submitting a bug in the Bug Tracker. Be sure to designate "6.1.0-Beta5" in the "Found in Release" field.

    Use the Sugar 6.1.0 Forum to post your questions and start discussions around the release.

    The current timeline for Sugar 6.1.0 is as follows:
    • Weekly Betas - Ongoing
    • Bi-Weekly Release Candidates - Mid-October
    • Generally Available - End of November
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