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Thread: Sugar 6.5.15 maintenance patch is now available

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    Default Sugar 6.5.15 maintenance patch is now available

    Sugar Version 6.5.15
    Tuesday, August 27, 2013

    Download the 6.5.15 maintenance patch of Sugar Professional, Sugar Corporate, Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate in the Download Manager.

    A list of the issues addressed and other changes made in 6.5.15 can be found within the Bug Portal. Select the "Search" tab and "6.5.15" for the "Targeted in Release" search field. The bugs that have been addressed have the Status "Closed" and the Resolution "Fixed".

    Also read the Release Notes for information about what was changed for 6.5.15. The release notes are available in the Documentation page of

    If you encounter any issues while running 6.5.15, please let us know by submitting a bug in the Bug Portal. Be sure to designate "6.5.15" in the "Found in Release" field.
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