Sugar Community Edition 5.1.0 GA
Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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SugarCRM is pleased to announce the general availability of version 5.1.0. For further details about this release, please read the Release Notes.

New and Enhanced Features

Sugar 5.1 offers the following new and enhanced features.
  • Enhanced Import Functionality - You can now import data for the Bug Tracker. Also, you can enable the import functionality for any custom module that you build in Module Builder. You can save field mappings between the import file and the Sugar database for future use.
  • Enhanced Emails Functionality - With the IMAP protocol, you can limit access to specific folders on your external account.
  • Building Relationships Between Modules - You can create one-to one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships between modules in Module Builder and in Studio. In Module Builder, you can create relationships between two undeployed modules, and between a undeployed module and a deployed module. In Studio, you can create relationships only between deployed modules.
  • Embedding Links and IFrames in Layouts - You can use a Link field to store a URL in a record such as a customer's Website or a link to a related internal or external system. You can also embed a view of the Website itself in the layout rather than as a link with an IFrame field.
  • Locking Down the Upgrade Wizard - If you are managing multiple instances of the Sugar application and you want to maintain complete control over the instances, you can lock down the Upgrade Wizard to ensure that no user with administrative privileges can upgrade any of them.
  • Locking Down the Module Loader - In order to ensure that users with administrative privileges do not load sub-standard modules into your Sugar application, you can lock down the Module Loader and direct them to load modules from a location of your choice.

We hope you enjoy the enhanced functionality of this new release.

-The Sugar Team