Sugar Community Edition 5.2.0 GA
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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SugarCRM is pleased to announce the general availability of version 5.2.0. For further details about this release, please read the Release Notes.

Sugar 5.2 offers the following new and enhanced features.

  • Connectors to External Data Sources
    Sugar provides a connector to LinkedIn. Additional connectors to other data sources can be obtained and installed using Module Loader.
  • Sugar Feed
    Sugar Feed enables users to be informed as soon as a user creates a new contact, lead, opportunity, or case. Users can add a My Sugar Feed Dashlet on their Home page so that when a user performs any of these actions, a message displays in the Dashlet on their Home page. Users can also be notified when a lead is converted, when a case is closed, and when an opportunity is closed.
    Additionally, users can post status updates, external links, images, and YouTube videos for other users to view within the Dashlet.
  • My Portal Dashlet
    Sugar provides a My Portal Dashlet that presents product information and news about SugarCRM on your Home page. You can add additional My Portal dashlets to view information from external web sites and applications directly within your Sugar instance.

We hope you enjoy the enhanced functionality of this new release.

-The Sugar Team