Sugar Community Edition 5.2.0 Patch H
Monday, July 27, 2009

Download Sugar 5.2.0h Now!

You can download the Patch and Upgrade packages in the Download area in SugarForge.

This patch addresses security vulnerabilities found in earlier releases, and all users should upgrade to 5.2.0h as soon as possible.

The patch also addresses 69 issues and requests, most notably in the following areas:
  • Internationalization & Localization (15)
  • Workflow (5) [Pro/Ent only]
  • Studio (4)
  • Emails (4)
  • Reports (4) [Pro/Ent only]

For more details about this release, please read the Release Notes.

A full listing of all bugs fixed in this patch can be found in the Bug Tracker.

To nominate bugs for the next patch release, please post within the Nominations thread for the upcoming patch release.

This patch also replaces 5.2.0g. If you upgraded to 5.2.0g when it was first released, please apply the 5.2.0h patch as soon as possible, in order to address a problem found in the 5.2.0g upgrade.