Sugar Suite v3.5.1e
December 9, 2005

Our goal continues to be to build the customer relationship management system
that you have always wanted, so your input is vital. Based on your input we have
provided important bug fixes in 3.5.1d that continue to enhance the stability of
Sugar Suite.

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The Sugar Team

Note: To prevent malicious attacks against your system, we recommend running
your php installation with the php.ini setting 'register_globals' disabled.

Fixed: A security vulnerability was identified and fixed. The vulnerability allowed
a remote user to execute arbitrary code on the target system if the php.ini
register_globals and allow_url_fopen settings are both enabled.

New: Sugar Plug-in for Outlook now allows Cases and Opportunities to be
created against Accounts that are not assigned to the user. [2671]

Fixed: Line breaks in description fields were separating during exports to CSV
files. [2408]

Fixed: My Open Tasks subpanel on Home now handles GMT offset correctly. [2453]

Fixed: An Apache segmentation fault with some versions of PHP when accessing
Opportunities was fixed [2455]

Fixed: Page Not Found error when clicking on the Month in a jscalendar popup.

Fixed: Selecting an email template inserted the template above the page header
under certain conditions with IE. [2520]

Fixed: Opportunity Import stored the Expected Close Date incorrectly if the
user does not use the default date format. [2561]

Fixed: Accounts Advanced Search did not return results if searching by the
Employees field. [2596]

Fixed: There was no way to remove the relationship between a Case record and a
Bug record. [2597]

Fixed: Dashboard chart for Opportunities By Lead Source could only handle a
maximum of 15 lead sources. [2599]

Fixed: Accepting or declining a Meeting/Call email invitation resulted in an
error, "The user id doesn't exist". [2624]

Fixed: Currency conversion rates can now handle a rate up to 10 without a
rounding error. [2663]

Fixed: Selecting an Account from a Task returned a PHP out of memory error
in some cases. [2667]

Fixed: Start Time and Due Time in Project Tasks used the server's timezone,
instead of the user's timezone. [2749]

Fixed: Retrieving Contacts with special characters produced a JSON error in the
Meeting/Call Scheduling subpanel. [2751]

Fixed: Contacts Search would not return results with a deleted account_contact
relationship. [2761]

Fixed: History subpanels did not display a Tasks Due Date. [2766]

Fixed: Dashboard chart for Pipeline By Lead Source would lose the selected
users setting if the page was refreshed. [2834]

Note: To install 3.5.1c, you must first have 3.5.1, 3.5.1a or 3.5.1b installed.
Then use the Upgrade Wizard in the Admin console to apply the 3.5.1c patch.

Note: Please read through the 3.5.1b release notes below as all notes apply to
3.5.1c as well.

Fixed: The user's time was not being properly calculated in timezones
east of GMT that observe Daylight Savings. [2582]

Note: To install 3.5.1b, you must first have 3.5.1 or 3.5.1a installed. Then
use the Upgrade Wizard in the Admin console to apply the 3.5.1b patch.

Note: In Sugar Suite 3.5.0, the storing of dates was changed to always store using
UTC or otherwise known as GMT date/time. However, the algorithm for Daylight
Savings Time did not accurately correct for tasks, calls or meeting due dates that
were scheduled to be due accross a daylight savings time boundry. We have changed
the algorithm to correctly take the user's Daylight Savings preference and timezone
into account.

This issue only applies to Sugar Suite 3.5.0 and 3.5.1.

Install this patch on your system. Once it is installed, you will need to go
to the Admin console and click on Repair to apply the Daylight Savings Time fix.
On this screen you will:
1) Optionally set the timezone for all users. If the admin does not set the timezone,
for all users, each user will select his timezone the next time he logs in.
2) Update all task, call and meeting due dates to accurately reflect
Daylight Savings Time. While this step is optional, it is highly recommended that
you do this step.
3) Implement the new Daylight Savings algorithm.

Fixed: Sugar Suite does not correctly handle Daylight Savings Time. [2463]

Fixed: Cannot alter Required or Audit fields in Edit Custom Fields. [2462]

Fixed: Sugar Plug-in for Outlook fails to perform a Calendar Sync in certain conditions
involving a change of servers. [2494]

Fixed: Clicking Accept/Decline/Tentative on Activity types causes an error to appear. [2406]

Fixed: Accepting a Call or Meeting email invitation causes an error. [2452]

Fixed: My Pipeline on Home module does not account for non-standard date formats. [2440]

Fixed: Dashboard Pipeline by Month shows YYYY-MM instead of actual months. [2441]