Aching for your latest Sugar fix? The Sugar Suite 3.5 Beta is now available to help you get through your day. You can either check out the on-line demo or download the installation package from

To download the installation package, simply log into and download the beta!

Our goal continues to be to build the customer relationship management system that you have always wanted, so your input is vital. For a quick list of new features for 3.5, check out the information below. Feedback about Sugar Open Source can be submitted to the Sugar Forums located here.

The Sugar Team


The 3.5 Beta release is only intended to serve as an introduction to new features. You should install 3.5 Beta for testing purposes only. While you will be able to upgrade your existing Sugar installation to 3.5 Beta, you will not be able to upgrade from 3.5 Beta to the 3.5 final release. Naturally when the final release comes out, you will then be able to upgrade from your existing 3.0.1 system to the 3.5 final release. The upgrade from 3.0.1 to 3.5 Beta is provided to allow testing of the upgrade process.

Key Features

New Module Loader
Sugar Suite's new extensible module framework allows users to add or remove third-party modules without programming and keeps the add-ons separate from the base application code, allowing core updates to be made without affecting accessory modules.

HTML Formatted Emails
HTML emails enables the use of embedded graphics and formatted text both in single-use emails and in email marketing campaigns created and managed through Sugar Suite. This complements existing plain-text email abilities and helps users attract the attention of prospects and customers.

Customization Safekeeping

Improved upgradeability of customizations, with new upgrade-safe event handlers that will preserve modifications during future release upgrades.

SOAP API calls
These calls are created to query and easily traverse module relationships. Now complex interactions donít require heavy enhancements to the API.

Faster Database Responses

Increased database performance with a single connection instance. Your users will notice the difference in response times.

Upgrade Manager
This tool completely manages upgrades from within the system administration screen, eliminating the need to manually copy and paste files. Offers controlled upgrade to speed-up the upgrade process and reduce the potential for errors.

Improved Sugar Plug-in for Outlook
The plug-in has faster navigation and greater control over synchronization of contacts and calendars into Sugar Suite. Users can archive customer emails to a contact, opportunity, lead or account with one click; transfer scheduled meeting information from Outlook to Sugar Suite through the Free/ Busy Server; and more. The Sugar Plug-in for Outlook is available for $39.95 per user.

Slap me some SKINS!
Four new interface templates, giving end users a total of 10 different looks to personalize their SugarCRM application. Skins can be changed immediately before logging into the application, allowing users to have a different experience at any time for variety.

Sugar Open Source 3.5 Beta is available now. Download it from
Sugar Open Source GA is planned to be released on August 12, 2005. It will be available at

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SugarCRM is showcased in the MySQL booth # 810 and John Roberts is speaking on open source strategy.

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