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Thread: LogIn Audit Module Assistance

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    Default LogIn Audit Module Assistance

    Running CE version
    Version 6.1.6 (Build 5860)

    Totally new to Sugar, I inherited Sugar Admin as Sales Manager..not a database guy. My predecessor set this system up and it looks like he had the Login Audit module version 1.6.4 running because I found the .zip file in a folder outside of Sugar..and others tell me that is was producing data at one time. I am in dire need of the LogIn Audit Module.

    I thought I was in the clear after a successful attempt at using module loader to load and install ver 1.6.4, only to find that when I ran query it produced nothing. So, I found the latest version of Login Audit 1.6.5, uninstalled ver 1.6.4, and loaded 1.6.5 only to find the same thing.

    My question ....should I be running an admin repair action to "rebuild" before I can expect any search results? If so, can someone tell me what "rebuild" selection I should be using?



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    Default Re: LogIn Audit Module Assistance

    I've got the Opacus Login Audit module version 1.6.5 installed on SugarCRM CE 6.5.12 and it's working great- shows a screen full of usernames, time of login, ip address, success/failure, etc.
    When I installed it, it didn't ask me to do a "Quick repair and rebuild" (that's the repair/rebuild link they usually ask you to click)- it "just worked".

    It's possible your version of Sugar CE is outdated and doesn't work with this newer version of the Login Audit module.
    Are you able to try it out on 6.5.12 and see if it works for you ??

    You sound like you might be in over your head, might want to ask for help from your local experienced SugarCRM admin person.... I wouldn't want to mess anything up by accident...
    -Chris Coleman. IBM Certified Websphere Developer, UML Certified, Oracle Certified in Java
    Fix Permissions for SugarCRM installed on Linux shared web hosting -

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