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Thread: Marketing Automation made easy for SugarCRM (New module from INBOX25)

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    david_inbox25 Guest

    Default Marketing Automation made easy for SugarCRM (New module from INBOX25)

    Marketing Automation is about to become easy, beautiful, and accessible to everyone. INBOX25 will introduce its Marketing Automation platform with a sneak peak webinar on April 30. Sign up for it at Not to give too much away, but expect intuitive multi-stage drip campaigns (with a free library of samples), smart lead scoring and nurturing, and unlimited landing pages. Most importantly, it runs within Sugar, with a unified sign-in and everything at the back-end designed to integrate with Sugar as seamlessly as possible. Every feature is included in every plan. And I hear itís going to start at $99/month. By the way, webinar participants get a 30 day free trial, so go ahead:

    This is of course a plug, but try it out and you'll see why this MA solution is the natural choice for SugarCRm users (it was designed from the start with input from a large sampling of SugarCRM users). I'm here for any questions, but also feel free to engage in our user groups on LinkedIn and tweet to me @INBOX25.


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    sandy1putt Guest

    Default Re: Marketing Automation made easy for SugarCRM (New module from INBOX25)

    I strongly encourage you NOT to use inBox25. Their customer service is very unresponsive and basically nonexistent. They don't have is smart people to help you when you need it. They also make it really difficult for you to cancel your account - charging you for months on end when you cancelled your account. Make sure you go with another company to integrate sugar than inBox25!!

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