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Thread: SMS module for SugarCRM

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    hunterteh Guest

    Default SMS module for SugarCRM


    iZeno release a SMS module that allow SugarCRM send out SMS to anyone worldwide.
    Now you can doing SMS advertising (Campaign), notification/alert (Workflow), & communication (Direct SMS to one/multiple persons) with your customers and users.

    Take a tour on the SMS module at : SugarForge: iZeno SMS for SugarCRM: Project Info

    We are open to accept any kinds of feedback on this module and enhance it.
    Let us know all your comments.


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    hunterteh Guest

    Default SMS Module Demo

    Dear All,

    Now, you can try out our SMS module before purchase it.

    Please check out the instruction for more information.


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    hunterteh Guest

    Default Re: SMS module for SugarCRM


    We are releasing a new feature "SMS Template" for iZeno SMS module.
    Now you can sending out SMS by using template and perform a preview before the actual message send out to your customers or prospects.

    Check it out at SugarForge: iZeno SMS for SugarCRM: Project Info

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    hunterteh Guest

    Default Re: SMS module for SugarCRM

    Hi Guys,

    Now you can configure own SMS gateway account for SMS sending by configuring your gateway setting in our SMS administration page.

    Currently, there are 3 gateway providers are supported:
    - Clickatell
    - RouteSMS
    - Infobip

    If you think it is troublesome to manage the gateway account, you can always using iZeno gateway without any problem.


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    hunterteh Guest

    Thumbs up Re: SMS module for SugarCRM

    We have add in a new feature OTP (One Time Password) to the SMS package.
    Users are required to key in the OTP code after login into the CRM system.

    Please refer the screen shot below

    Contact us @ if you need more information about it.


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