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  1. calendar - change color of individual day
  2. Windows phone 8 app
  3. Email Results from a filter
  4. Send Individual Emails
  5. changing activity type when closing one type and scheduling another
  6. Target list merge/ manage target lists
  7. About the email in CE
  8. Campaign status, the subpanel lists, links do not work?
  9. For easier management of subpanels
  10. Setting Up Opportunity Teams
  11. Some value calculate
  12. Find duplicates
  13. Create A Custom Field Across Modules
  14. search for e-mail addressed marked as "invalid"
  15. Eshop integrate with sugarcrm
  16. SugarCRM and Winbooks integration
  17. Converted Leads - Ignore, Hide, and Lock
  18. Vote to add PostgreSQL database support to SugarCRM CE
  19. Duration of sales activities including synchronizing to task lists
  20. Memory_limit and Target List
  21. Save & Send Invitees Email Options
  22. Documents layout and processing
  23. SIMPLE but powerful relationship option...
  24. Change default value in "parent name" on Meetings list view
  25. Windows Phone 8 WP8 mobile app?
  26. Multiple Opportunity Selection in Scheduling Meetings
  27. Web Portal / Partner portal
  28. Drop Down Lists
  29. Server side mail merge
  30. Opportunity amounts weighted pipeline report?
  31. Link Last Activity Date to Objects
  32. Community Version 5.0
  33. Roles and Hierarchy
  34. Open Links In New Tab
  35. Address field improvement.
  36. Calendar should be added for SLA monitoring
  37. List of Releases and Version should be kept separate in Bug Tracker module
  38. Create records based on report result
  39. Phoner/Call-Center plug-in
  40. Show saved searches in the basic search view
  41. Tag anything
  42. Full Text Search Feedback (6.5.4)
  43. Contract - prepay support
  44. Integration with Windows Explorer
  45. Sugar 6.5 not send mail alert to a meeting
  46. Building a better Reporting module
  47. Jotpad feature for contacts
  48. Auto-complete address based on postalcode + address number
  49. So, what are great workflow examples you've created??
  50. Building a better Workflows module
  51. Disabling Kerberos authentication in inbound email settings
  52. Please update the Quotes module!!!
  53. automate module install/uninstall
  54. PDF Contracts
  55. Workflow warning as a popup message
  56. logic Hook
  57. Clicking Edit should stay on the tab you are on
  58. Company database integration with SugarCrm database
  59. automatci id generation
  60. Implementing the Sugar's Default Pagination for Custom Html Page.
  61. Full Text Search inside Dosuments
  62. Mass update in Reporting module
  63. Google calendar connector for v. 6.4.2?
  64. Need MyCRM Connector Tool for Google Calendar for Version 6.4.2
  65. Time tracking and reporting
  66. Active/Inactive values in Dropdown
  67. New SugarCRM programer question
  68. Request: Better Sugar App Store.
  69. Case SLAs and calculated fields
  70. Improve the support portal with bugs integration
  71. Convert Quote to Contract (or Mass Create Products to Contracts)
  72. Workflow - Text Field
  73. ModuleBuilder: Custom Module Dropdown lists dissapear after being deployed.
  74. Teams support
  75. support for Teams but for Open Source
  76. Export Functionality Enhancements
  77. Duplicate Custom Fields Between Modules
  78. Custom Field Sorting - Part Deux
  79. Alpha Sort on Available Fields in Lead Wizard
  80. One-click clone Sugar instance (restore to bare LAMP server)
  81. Lockout Option
  82. Business Hours Applied to Workflow
  83. Sugar Update
  84. Lets get all the small bugs fixed
  85. More Actionable reports
  86. Building a better campaigns module
  87. Please expand on "customCode" array key
  88. Official SugarCRM Integration for Quickbooks (2011 and newer)
  89. Browser version email link
  90. Folder creation under Document panel
  91. Make caching engine use correct permissions on shared linux hosting
  92. CE Teams for 6.3
  93. Workflow defitions
  94. Double click to edit a field
  95. $sugar_config['save_query'] additional option
  96. Status.net features added to Actvity stream
  97. Add Contacts to Prospect List via Mass update
  98. Add IP Address in Campaign Web Tracking URLs
  99. Email Redefined
  100. Warning message when performing mass updates
  101. Localization
  102. Add fields to Relationships with Studio
  103. Note can not be filtered by user
  104. Has any one Had this problem? System is unable to process your request. Please check:
  105. Vacation Tracking Software
  106. Human Resource
  107. SQL based report generation
  108. Drop-down list size
  109. System message location
  110. city, postal code and country fields
  111. disconnection
  112. User login problem
  113. possible to integrate with zencart and prestashop?
  114. Ability to trigger workflow from plugins
  115. Soap user type that doesn't count towards licensed users
  116. Re-connect campaign subpanel in accounts
  117. User Activity
  118. Multiple Assigned To Users for Records
  119. Add hover capability to History
  120. smarter lists
  121. open source web-based solution for Time and Attendance
  122. function save() of module
  123. In need of a data entry campaign asap
  124. Telemarketing Campaigns
  125. Workflow logging
  126. Display PGP/MIME encoded e-mails in web mail view
  127. Place contactinformation of sender in emailsig
  128. Merge multiple duplicate record
  129. Make contract "Time To Expiry" reportable
  130. Reporting on "Active" contract
  131. insert account variable for campaign email template
  132. Task Types
  133. Account History
  134. Logic hook send compose Email
  135. Duplicates update already during import
  136. inviting new users to existing meeting should not re-invite previous invitees
  137. Creating opportunities against contacts
  138. Improved form features in module builder
  139. Lead Form improvements
  140. Designate link item in list view
  141. Creating the Business Network for your company
  142. Call email invitation does not use httpS URLs
  143. Frames and Shortcuts
  144. Projects Module
  145. Images Module with Thumbnails
  146. Update TinyMCE Please
  147. Tabs in sugar
  148. View documents in browser
  149. SugarCRM - AmazonSES Integration
  150. custom Dropdown list disappeared after deploy
  151. Add "Saved Search" dropdown to Basic Search
  152. Deleting many emails at once from inbox
  153. Email more than 10 contacts at a time
  154. Support/Ticket Module
  155. User specific search criteria
  156. calendar default user
  157. building email relationship with drag and drop
  158. Get all contacts "Sync to OutlookŪ" with SOAP
  159. building email relationship with drag and drop
  160. Facebook connector
  161. data backup
  162. WANTED: Agenda management system for meetings
  163. Inline ajax "popup"
  164. Workflow alerts: attachments to e-mails templates
  165. Can't see demo videos - propritery software required
  166. Product Catalog Delegation
  167. Relate imported calls to each specific lead
  168. Report CSS Improvements
  169. Sync to outlook for Assignee
  170. Importing Targets - Website field
  171. Modify 'assigned to' policy for saved search
  172. Management module for technical assistance?
  173. Can SugarCRM Post RSS Feeds
  174. Make deleting a dynamic field db column optional
  175. Remove shortcuts in Targets module
  176. add "Account" field to dashlets
  177. Inbox-style view for case notes
  178. weighted pipeline
  179. Thunderbird extension update for SugarCRM 6.0 and PHP 5.3
  180. move connector script to bottom of the page
  181. No theme developers?
  182. Sugar and iPad
  183. about ending a session
  184. Replace existing fields with combo boxes
  185. User -> Team Management Improvemnt (Admin)
  186. unique ID for cases autogeneration?
  187. Improving Support Case Section
  188. Auto create files when creating new accounts
  189. Office 2010 Plug-In's
  190. SugarCRM Portal
  191. Marketing Intelligence System - is it available or possible?
  192. How to sum a numeric column in listview?
  193. What does Sugar need?
  194. See Account in "My Open Tasks"
  195. Email Marketing EditView request
  196. Custom module Field Upload -> edit file uploaded
  197. Can sugar do this?
  198. Sort targets by region/country
  199. Import from ACT!
  200. Need Single Print Option to Print Modules with all sub panel modules
  201. Mass Homepage creation
  202. Search within documents(word,excel, pdf...)
  203. Automatic archive windows popup in outlook plugin when email is received and sent
  204. I need Call Centre campaigns ASAP?
  205. Better Idea Tracking System for SugarCRM Development
  206. Become a Google Apps Marketplace vendor
  207. Knowledge Base functionalities
  208. A suggestion for 6.0
  209. Target lists: Ability to populate list with all results after filter
  210. Assign an Account to another domain
  211. Excellent opportunities for Sugar CRM developers in Pune
  212. Ability to strip signatures when archiving email - Outlook plugin
  213. Request for ability to control fields better
  214. Sugar & Asterisk integration
  215. optimized for ipad and other small screens?
  216. Installed Products - Serialized
  217. restrict ougoing mails in testing mode in sugarcrm
  218. Add project task option to emai quick create
  219. UK Post Codes
  220. major drawback of performance of sugar on sever so pls increase the speed of sugarcrm
  221. First Impressions
  222. ldap enhance
  223. how remainder works?
  224. email opt out
  225. Quick Compose Email
  226. Proposal Log Functionality
  227. CAMPAIGNS, TARGET LISTS - contacts and leads edit.
  228. Inserting Selected Contacts in Target List
  229. Rename amount_usd field in Opportunities module to amount_base
  230. How can I make my client see the status on their project
  231. session time-out ? v 5.2.0k
  232. Opacus SugarCRM Outlook Plugin Available for Free Download
  233. Gmail Archive Integration Through Chrome or FireFox
  234. How to Add a PHOTO to Contacts?! Anyone Know?
  235. Add datatype date/time
  236. sugarcrm desktop
  237. Better filtering of Contacts in Note entry
  238. Tracking different type of calls
  239. field can be edited on detailview or listview
  240. Multilingual Working Surface for International Companies
  241. BUG: Invalid default directory and file permissions being set
  242. Gantt for sugar 5.5 needed
  243. Create Invoice using Sugar CRM CE 5.0
  244. ARPU for the telecom industry
  245. Enhance viewed message metric using either IMG or Click through
  246. Custom Query
  247. Redundant Email Config Effort?
  248. Roles - Ability to set an entire column
  249. Closing Cases
  250. Editor to publish and send for e-news